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General Information

GCOR Rule 6.19 D (paraphrased)

When a train stops on a main track, flag protection must be provided

On a layout, torpedoes and fusees are a bit over the top, but a flagman with a red lantern can add a twist to your next operating session. Adopt prototype practices and have your crews protect their trains when switching a town or otherwise fouling the main. Just don't forget to recall the flagman before leaving town!

Designed in the NMRA/PCR for DCC layouts Assembly required

Use a track nipper to detach the base from the hand holding the LED Solder the two feet to the two small gold pads on the top of the base Attach the weight to the top of the base next to (but not touching) his feet Place the large gold pads across the rails to light the red lantern. Clean track works best. Use violates UP Safety Rule 81.2.1, Step Over Rail

John Plocher, SPCoast.com

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Brakeman Testplan Assembly:

  • SMT 1K0 0805 resistor on body top surface
  • Cut the LED leads to between 3mm and 4mm long
  • Edge mount the LED to the raised arm, polarity does not matter


  • Touch 9-12vAC to one "foot" and Gnd to the other, observe
  • RED LED on hand light up.

The end user will snap apart the base and body, solder the feet to the base and attach a lead weight to the base, making a figure with a red lantern in his hand that lights up when placed on a HO model railroad track.

Version: 1.2

Brakeman 1.2 PC board Brakeman 1.2 schematic

  • Electronic Engineering BOM List
  • Product Name: DCC Brakeman
  • Version:V1.0
  • Issue Date:12-Mar-12
Item No. Reference Desc Qty Catalog Value Package Manufacturer Mfg Part Number Notes
1 R 1 Resistor 1k R0805 Bournes or equiv CR0805JW-102ELF Mouser 652-CR0805JW-102ELF OK to Substitute
2 LED 1 Diode Red LED-T1 Lumex or equiv SSL-LX3044IT Mouser 696-SSL-LX3044IT OK to Substitute

Version: 1.1

Brakeman 1.1 PC board

Version: 1.0

Brakeman 1.0
Brakeman 1.0
Brakeman 1.0
Brakeman 1.0

Brakeman 1.0 PC board


The schematic and PCB layout were created using the free tools provided by Eagle CAD. The following resources may be useful:


Please contact John.Plocher via gmail if you would like to use these items in a commercial setting.