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[edit] About Katy

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[edit] About John

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[edit] About Paul

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[edit] Electronics Projects

Some people like scenery. Others are born modelers. John's interests lie in the technical side of things - electronics, operations, dispatching and the like. He has designed boards to control turnouts and detect rolling stock using Digitrax's LocoNet. Most recently, he built an Arduino controlled Reflow oven to help fabricate circuit boards. One common theme for these efforts is JMRI - the Java Model Railroad Interface, a set of Java programs that interface to your model train layout. As a tongue in cheek nod towards the operations crowd, John created the Brakeman, a light-up figurine that can be used to simulate the mainline flagging protection often done by flagmen on cold winter nights...

[edit] KatysBlog

Katy's interests are on the other side of the spectrum from John's "blinkey Lights". Katy loves gardening, cactus and rocks, she is a world class mentoring process expert and a prolific blogger.

[edit] Software Projects

A collection of various software projects John is working on: OpenSolaris_IRC_Bot, DangerShield, Arduino_Loconet, C/MRI and JMRI.

[edit] Restoring WP668 - an exterior braced wooden caboose

January, 2006 was a busy month - we went on a business trip to St Petersburg, Russia (brrr) and bought a caboose. OK, the caboose was in San Francisco, at the GGRM, but we were half a world away and under time pressure. The whole story can be found at wp668.org as well as on KatysBlog.

[edit] SP Coast Model Railroad Layout

John has been modeling the modern day Southern Pacific/Union Pacific, ACE and Caltrain operations in the SF Bay area for several years now; he has plans for a modest sized empire that captures both the flavor and the diversity embodied by each of them. In this reality, the SP/UP merger is still recent enough that the equipment and operating details haven’t yet become dominated by the suits in Omaha, and we will somehow find the time to do all the work waiting to be done…

[edit] Photo Archives

Finally, our family photo archives are here and on Flickr. In addition to the mundain family stuff, there is also a large set of "work in progress" pictures recording the saga of WP668, my electronics projects, railroading, gardening and church activities. Private stuff is password protected, so don't feel that you are snooping :-)